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Hi, my name is Brian and I'm the founder of Grumpy Turtle Productions, a videography company that can help you bring your vision to life. You might be wondering why I chose such a quirky name for my business. Well, it all started with my pet tortoise Koopa, who has been my grumpy pet for 25 years. She loves to explore new places, eat watermelon, and she never fails to fascinate people who meet her for the first time. Koopa has appeared in a lot of my earlier work in cameos and was very popular with my film school friends. We've been together since I was a teenager and she will likely outlive me! That's why I named my company Grumpy Turtle Productions, to honor my oldest pet and business partner.
Whether you need a wedding video, a video ad, or a personal documentary, I will work with you to create a stunning and memorable video that reflects your unique story and vision. Contact me today and let's make something great together!

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